It's a Gaian-type planet, about 3.5 billion years old, fourth planet from the central star, accomodating around 4 billion inhabitants. 

See also the Gabedomian System (star system)

It is a center of culture and currently has an open-border policy, notwithstanding biological, contraband, and customs controls at specific points of entry. These points of entry are controlled by the TRAL-ROPA government agency.

Physical History of GabedomiaEdit

It's theorized that Gabedomia was formed about 3.5 billion years ago, out of a nebular feature called Gabementa Nebula .

Humanoid History of GabedomiaEdit

See also the Humanoid History of Gabedomia

The current recorded history of Gabedomia begins almost four thousand years ago when a group of about one thousand humans suddenly appeared at the ruins of a station of an ancient civilization.

Humanoid history is recorded in several ages:

  • The City
  • The State
  • The World
  • The System
  • The First Union
  • The First Empire
  • The Second Union
  • The Second Empire
  • The Third Union
  • Galactic Civilzation


See also United Gabedomian Union

The current government of Gabedomia is a representational democracy with multiple branches of government to represent the interests of the many segments of Gabedomian society.


The people are directly represented by Senators


The Head of Government is the Prime Minister , elected by a simple majority of the Gabedomian Senate . The Prime Minister is nominated or confimed by the Regent. The Prime Minister chooses cabinet ministers, with counsel from the Regent and consent of the Senate, to administer separate departments of the government. 

The Head of State is the Regent of Gabedomia. The Regent is chosen from among the Gentry of Gabedomia. The Gentry is the last vestige of what used to be the hereditary nobility of the upper classes. In contemporary times, the Gentry is largely irrelevant, except with regards to land policy and control. In order for Gabedomia to exist under an open border policy, consideration had to be given to the landed Gentry in order to ensure their due process and right of property.

The Regent is largely ceremonial, but serves to end deadlocks within the legislature and among the executive. The Regent may also serve as a member of a judicial tribunal, should the judiciary require and request it. 

The Regent represents the hereditary nobility heritage of the upper classes. Before, an elected dynasty of kings served as head of government and state. History has long since ignored the lineages of yore and have replaced the head of the nobility with an elected Regent, to carry out similar duties as the hereditary kings of long ago.


The Federal branch is represented on several levels. On the provincial level, provincial governors appointed by the Regent, with the consent of the Senate, work for the interests of the provinces. Their interests on a planetary and interstellar level are carried out by the Governors' Delegation . Delegates are appointed by respective governors and are sent to a central meeting place, historically New Gabe City , to debate and recommend policies to the Regent and Senate to carry out the wishes of provincial and colonial governors. The Governors' Delegation has little contemporary effect as most colonies and interstellar territories are mostly autonomous or adminstered by the Galactic Federation .


Citizens elect local tribunals , from districts depending on the jurisdiction type. City citizens elect tribunes for city jurisdiction only and senate district citizens elect tribunes covering the senate district. District tribunes elect among them tribunes to serve as provincial tribunes. Provincial tribunes elect among them tribunes to serve on the High Tribunal

Tribunal offices assemble the body of law used to adjudicate legal disputes. These offices also administer civil service exams making admitted legal counsels eligible to be elected a tribune by the body of tribunes serving on tribunals for that particular office. Once a counsellor is elected as a tribune, that tribune may apply to become a tribune for a higher-level office using the same process to become a lower-level tribune. 

High Tribunes serving on the High Tribunal are elected among provincial tribunes with the consent of the Regent. Thus, the Regent also serves as a check on the judiciary to protect the interests of the gentry and, as head of state, the citizenry as a whole.



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