The Gabedomian Star System is a trinary solar system of 12 planets.


The system is theorized to have formed from the Gabementa Nebula about 2 billion years ago. 


Gabedomia A is a medium-sized orange star. Gabedomia B and C orbit the primary about two light-years away. 

Gabedomia I is a dwarf, rocky planet with no atmosphere.

Gabedomia II is a medium rocky planet with a thin atmosphere. 

Gabedomia III is a medium rocky planet with a thick, organic atmosphere. It harbors primitive lifeforms like plant and animal life. There are several settlements spread across the planet, with a planetary population around 20 million people. There are several shipyards and industrial processing stations in orbit.

Gabedomia IV is, for all intents and purposes, Gabedomia. It is the home of the Gabedomian humanoid race, as well as site of dozens of colonies of species from across the galaxy. The planet has an open-border policy which allows anyone to settle down. Land and resources are allocated to settlers by provincial governments and the landed gentry. 

Gabedomia V is a small, rocky planet with no atmosphere. The population of 2 million support industrial and miiltary activities on the planet. 

Gabedomia VI is a large, gaseous planet supporting 33 moons ranging from VI-D which is a small, rocky planet with 30 million inhabitants. VI-G is an small, icy moon that houses 

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