New Gabe City is a first-level, council-house city on Gabedomia. As of 4240, daytime working population totalled over 78 million people while nighttime residential population totalled just under 51 million people. It is the largest city on Gabedomia comprised of thousands of high-rise buildings and underground facilities. The city also contains several arcology-type facilities as well as numerous shipyard and industrial facilities. The city is divided into several levels and zones. 


New Gabe City was established during the First Union as a shipyard facility for new starship construction. 

The city grew exponentially during the Second Empire as a hub of industry and ghetto for underclass laborers and undesirables. 


The city is situated inside an estuarial bay on the southern shore of the Western Subtropical Continent. 

The borders of the city almost run concurrently with the borders of the province of New Gabe. There are several council-house cities and villages that are not part of the City but lie with in the provincial boundaries. These smaller subdivisions have varied cityscapes ranging from large arcologies such as can be found in Inner City to suburban and rural single-level development. 

City Subdivisions and EnvironsEdit

The City is subdivided by height and distance from the historical center. The historical center, or Inner City , is highly developed, comprised solely of arcologies and megastructures. There is nothing left of historical New Gabe City. Outer City is comprised of arcologies situated more sparsely than the Inner City, but not by much. Development in Outer City tapers down to high-rises and medium density as it reaches the city limits. City South is comprised mostly of shipyard and industrial facilities. City North comprises mostly residential and cultural arcologies, as well as laboratory industry. There is limited settlement in City West as most of the settlement lies under the New City Bay. City East is mostly high-rises and medium density.

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