The Second Empire was the period of Gabedomian history from the rise of Lord Zed and the fall of the Second Union to the disappearance of Lord Zed and the dissolution of the Great Empire. 

Rise of Lord Zed and the Fall of the Second UnionEdit

As Lord Zed was elected to higher offices, the culture of the Second Gabedomia Planetary Union began to fracture.

The Great UnificationEdit

Lord Zed commanded a reconquest of Gabedomia

The First ExpansionEdit

Gabedomian expanded to neighboring systems establishing small settlements on occupied worlds. 

The Second ExpansionEdit

The Third ExpansionEdit


See also the Imperial Federation

During this period, Gabedomia maintained a loose hegemony over the local populations of hundreds of inhabited worlds by demanding tribute, lower prices on goods, or land where Gabedomians could colonize and terraform worlds to the satisfaction of the occupiers. 

Imperial culture during this time was marked by an extreme stratification of civilization, a belief by the gentry that they were the supreme lifeform in the galaxy, the belief that the gentry had a mission to bring Gabedomian civilization to every world, and the mission to expand and saturate the civilized galaxy with Gabedomian culture. 

The Collapse of the Second EmpireEdit

See also The Collapse of the Second Empire

The collapse of the Imperial Federation was caused by a weak hegemony made weak by the Imperium expanding too fast for the Gabedomian population to catch up and impose control on worlds, a lack of motivation by the underclass to support the Imperialist gentry, the unity of worlds under the Imperial Federation to overthrow the government, and external powers like the Victorians and The Confederacy making war against the Imperial Federation.

Weak HegemonyEdit

The Imperial Federation, and Gabedomian society in general, encouraged engineered reproduction in order to produce the Imperialist workers, soldiers, and overlords needed to spread civilization and saturate worlds with civilization. However, astrographic progress of warships, troop transports, and terraforming starcraft outstretched the ability of the Imperialist populace to reproduce and provide the people needed to develop civilization on conquered worlds.

It is believed that Imperialist conquest forces travelled as far as 4,000 light-years from Gabedomia to conquer eligible worlds, but that the supply lines never followed such far-flung fleets. There may be as many as 50 task forces which have attacked inhabited worlds but were unaccounted for in establishing resupply lines and colonization efforts. 

Caste SystemEdit

The stratification of Imperialist society was at first designed to filter out undesirable characteristics of the Gabedomian genome, as a eugenic plot to ensure the superiority of the Gabedomian race. However, because the Imperialist Gentry was more selective in breeding than the underclasses were, by 3800, the underclass outnumbered the Gentry 100 to 1. 

In 3900, the Gentry instituted mandatory engineered reproduction and forced pairing among the Gentry in order to offset the imbalance among the classes. The lower classes saw the technological interference with reproduction as an affront and led to outright civil war by 3950. 

Federated WorldsEdit

The worlds of the Imperial Federation were either directly subjugated with populations enslaved or indirectly subjugated as planets ruled by puppet governments with resources directed for the enrichment of the hegemony. Understandably, these worlds resented Imperialist administration and openly or covertly began to revolt against the hegemony around the late 2800s. 

Repeated InvasionsEdit

From the earliest expeditions of the Gabedomians, treaties were established with some of the more powerful races to establish borders and buffer zones. As the internal revolts increased, along with the inadequacy of supply lines to far-reaching areas of the Imperium, the external powers commenced border raids up to and including open declarations of war. The Remulaks, Beleden, and the Confederacy participated in major incursions into Imperialist territory. The Victorians and the T'Pi openly declared war against the Imperialist Federation, resulting in both the downfall of the Imperium within Local Space, as well as the unification of former Imperialist domains to establish the Galactic Federation.

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