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The CityEdit

Year Event
0 The First Year
25 Establishment of the First City Charter

The StateEdit

Year Event
321 An egalitarian goverment is established by the Wizards. 

The WorldEdit

Year Event
501 At the conclusion of the Wildmen Insurrections, a unified global government is established, with Regalla City as the seat of government

The SystemEdit

Year Event
620 The first lunar colony is chartered and incorporated into the Global Union.

The First UnionEdit

Year Event
689 The United Gabedomian Union is chartered among the presidents of all of the united provinces and colonies. The first legislative act fo the Union, of all the signatories gathered, is to declare war against the King of the Zetans. 

The First EmpireEdit

Year Event
952 The High Tribunal dissolves the Union Council and closes the Great Council-House, orders the arrest of several governors, and installs the Lord Courtney as the High Tribune. 
961 The High Tribune is elected Emperor by the Captive Gentry.

The Second UnionEdit

Year Event
1070 The High Tribune dies, and his family is murdered by members of the Captive Gentry. The Empire is governed by the Gentry-In-Council. 
1072 The Zetans invade the Union. The Gentry-In-Council evacuate Gabedomia for Amora. The Courtney Armies take over governing and planetary defense. In six months, a new gentry has been installed, made of surviving soldiers of the Courtney Army. 
1080 The provinces, governed by military governors, send representatives to Regalla City to charter a new republican constitution. The war council broker a peace with the Zetans. 

The Second EmpireEdit

The Third UnionEdit

Galactic CivilizationEdit

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