The government of Gabedomia, properly named the United Gabedomian Union (UGU), is a representative democracy. There are several bodies of legislature to represent checks and balances for the various branches and functions of government. 


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Integration within the Galactic FederationEdit

The UGU solely represents Gabedomia in the Galactic Federation . While the UGU, and other federation members, are allowed to maintain independent government agencies like military forces, economic administrators, or infrastructure managers, the UGU also contributes heavily to the composition of Federation agencies and forces through an allocation of raw materials, labor, and facilities. 

Current IssuesEdit

The issue with the highest importance among polled Gabedomians is the high turnover rate of the Gabedomian population. While millions flock to Gabedomia to achieve their dreams, millions others, mostly planet-born, leave Gabedomia for the new colonies being formed or to other planets to pursue their dreams. 

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